Charting the passage of time


My favourite shot from 2014

My favourite shot from 2014

Some of you will remember last year, on the final day of my 50th year I had some photographs taken with my best friend. We went to Scarborough and had fun having a series of lovely photographs taken in the fresh air at Scarborough Spa. I enjoyed it very much. I found Jess Petrie, the photographer, totally by fluke – I wanted a female photographer, who I thought was up for middle aged, some fun but also someone who did natural photography – no studio shots for us.

So one year on – I sometimes get funny ideas – and those photos and the pleasure they gave me, gave me ideas…. What if my BFF and I had a photo shoot with Jess every year for the next decade, charting our 50’s? A sort of record of our aging.

Leeds-Portrait-PhotographySo that’s the plan and I hope we make it, taking nothing for granted. I will count each year as a blessing and watch as we grow older, hopefully with grace!

Each year will have a theme – this year I chose shopping in Leeds, a place I love very much and Max and I used to work and have often shopped together.

Here are a sample from #Taketwo 2015

You can find out more about Jess Petrie, our photographer here. She is a wonderful photographer!

Leeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-PhotographyLeeds-Portrait-Photographyanne max book shop

5 thoughts on “Charting the passage of time

  1. What a delightful idea…….and the pictures of you are amazing. Another illustration of being an inspirational woman!

    Best wishes

    Sue Hill
    Mobile 07980024909. Home 01794 324453


  2. Cracking idea Anne. Good for you and lovely photos. Look forward to seeing where the set will be next year.

  3. Annie you have inspired me to take some pictures – me & my friends are going to see a play about the Indie club we used to go to in the 80s soon – I will write a blog about it – thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs of your day and helping me to stop and reflect on why friendship matters so much to us all ❤️❤️

  4. Lovely idea, Annie! You and I have much in common – I too love finding different ways to hang on to key memories and track the passage of time. My little Steller stories and many of my blogs are as much for me as they are for anyone else! Keep doing what you do – it is special 🙂 Gill xx

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