Diabetes paraphernalia

IMG_3184This is an experiment inspired by the brave and lovely Charlotte (@bipolarblogger) but also to push myself to try new things.

Charlotte did a vlog to ‘show and tell’ all her medication for a week.  It was fascinating and helped me to understand.

So mine is a vlog to show you all the ‘stuff’ I use to manage my diabetes in a week. This is my personal list, everyone has their own approaches, favourites and tricks.  These are mine and mine alone.

Let me know what you think in the comments box :0)

PS I have learnt more than I needed/intended to know (ever) about video files, their size and how to compress them – #learningexperience



4 thoughts on “Diabetes paraphernalia

  1. Having been diagnosed a Type 2 Diabetic only in 2011, I am sure I would rank as a neophyte in the medication department. I know for sure though that people with Type 1 Diabetes have higher medication requirement that T2s. I just need to watch my diet and exercise regularly. I have even given up on my Metformin. This is rather an expression of my admiration for your courage. 35 years is 35 years and I could not imagine it. Thank you for such a wonderful post. 🙂

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